Staying In The Moment During Lockdown Is Hard

It’s about half way through the second week of lockdown for the Corvid-19 pandemic here in the UK at the moment.  I’m seeing alot of post-corona, new-normal posts coming up on social media already, as many people are getting itchy feet to move out of lockdown and get on with life, whatever that may look like now.

Although it’s great to have something to look forward to, staying grounded in the moment is going to be essential for long-term mental wellness as we move forward through the trauma and grief of the losses to come, let alone the lockdown which is bringing it’s own set of whole new challenges for most.

Quiet Time

To truly stay in the moment during lockdown is going to be a challenge for most, but there are some simple ways you can prompt yourself to do it.  

Over the coming days allow yourself some quiet time to ponder these questions.  If time and living arrangements allow, give yourself half hour’s breathing space to journal about these, to see what comes up for you.  You can also revisit them regularly to help you truly ground in the moment, whenever you need it.  

If that’s not an option for you, all is not lost!  Give yourself 5 minutes to think on each question, throughout the space of a day.  This doesn’t have to be full on medatitive time, sitting in the lotus positiion while omm-ing away, you could just as well cotemplate a question while loading the dishwasher, in the shower, or even in bed before you get up and face the day.

3 Questions For Helping You Stay In The Moment

1. Do I feel differently today about being locked down to how I felt last week?

2. What am I thankful to have the chance to do during lockdown?

3. What one thing that’s in my control do I choose to change about my lockdown routine?

BONUS QUESTION ~ for those really feeling the need to look forward at the moment…

What one thing am I thankful I will have the opportunity to return to after lockdown?